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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kersten Hamilton Blog Tour and Guest Post!

Kersten Hamilton is the author of the awesome book Tyger Tyger, that's going to be released in November.

You can find my review of Tyger Tyger here.

On to the guest post:

Hi, Taylor! Thank you for having me over for a guest post today and for asking how traveling so much in my childhood influenced or inspired me. It wasn’t my choice to have a perfect childhood for a writer, but I did. My official bio reads:

"Kersten Hamilton was born in a trailer in the mountains of southern New Mexico. She escaped electrocution when a typhoon blew power lines down over yet another trailer in a swamp in Washington state, and drowning when a station wagon spun out of control and onto thin lake ice in Alaska. Most of the bullets missed, and none of the incidents with bears, snakes, wolves, and angry moose were fatal."

That’s the short version, of course. The long version includes throwing knives, shooting guns (though I always preferred a bow), riding horses, raising goats, reading books and running wild.

The short version doesn’t include the painful parts, either.

Adventures are more fun to read about than they are to live. There were times when I was very hungry, very cold, very afraid, and very alone. Sometimes I was all of those things at once. I was often in very dangerous situations.

I wouldn’t want any of my children to live the way I lived, or do some of the things I did. But I wouldn’t change my life, either. Because I have a lot to write about!

Thank you for answering my question Kersten! I don't think that I would have handled a lot of the things that you went through very well!

If you want to know more about Kersten and Tyger Tyger please visit her website.
If you'd like to see the other stops on the tour please go to the official tour page.
If you'd like to pre-order Tyger Tyger with free shipping at The Book Depository go here.

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  1. Cool post! It sounds like Kersten had an action-packed childhood to say the least!


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