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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Girl, Stolen by April Henry

Title: Girl, Stolen
Author: April Henry
Release Date: September 28th, 2010
Source: Around the World Tours
Synopsis from Goodreads:
Sixteen year-old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of a car while her mom fills her prescription at the pharmacy. Before Cheyenne realizes what's happening, their car is being stolen--with her inside! Griffin hadn’t meant to kidnap Cheyenne, all he needed to do was steal a car for the others. But once Griffin's dad finds out that Cheyenne’s father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes—now there’s a reason to keep her. What Griffin doesn’t know is that Cheyenne is not only sick with pneumonia, she is blind. How will Cheyenne survive this nightmare, and if she does, at what price?

Oh, what a book. I tore through this, I wanted to know what happened! It was really interesting reading through the eyes of a blind girl. We also got inside Griffin's head, which I wasn't expecting. What happened to Cheyenne is terrible, and I hope that it never happens to anyone, but it was oh so fun to read about!

Cheyenne has been blind for three years, ever since an accident that killed her mother. She's used to it now, but misses her sight. Griffin is the son of a stolen parts dealer who will do anything to make his temperamental father happy. So when he steals a car he thinks that it will show his father that he's ready for the big leagues. That is until he realizes that there's a girl in the back. Instead he gives his father someone to hold for ransom, something that he'd never expected. Will his father let her go? Or will he kill her? Why does he care?

I really liked Cheyenne. She was resourceful and smart. She was always thinking of a way out. I felt bad for Griffin. He's a victim of circumstance. He's a good person, but his father doesn't tolerate good: he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done, and a lot of times it's less than legal. I love the way that Cheyenne and Griffin connected throughout the book, it was sweet.

This book moved along at a steady pace and was relatively short. It didn't take long to read, which is good because I could have gone crazy waiting for the end. One problem that I had is that some parts of the book were kind of...boring. Those parts didn't last very long though, and it always picked up fast. I felt a bit disconnected from the characters throughout this book also. It was probably because it was told in third person.

Basically, I really liked this book, I was just slightly disconnected with the characters. If you like suspense then you might want to try this!

Characters: 8/10
Writing: 9/10
Originality: 9/10
Plot: 8/10
Ending: 9/10
Overall: 43/50 B
Cover/Title Comments: I think that they are both perfect! I love the way the girls hands are covering her eyes, and how her nails are painted.


  1. I want to read this book so badly! I can't wait until I can get one.

  2. This looks so good! Thanks for posting about it! :)


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