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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top Shelf: The Specialists by Shannon Greenland

Top Shelf is a feature that I do every once in a while to highlight a book or series that I really enjoy.

Fight to the Finish (Couldn't find a picture, available online)

I love this series! It focuses around GiGi, an amazing hacker with an IQ of 191 who's been in foster care ever since her parents died on a plane crash. She's recruited by a special government agency called The Specialists, which is a group of teenagers who have special skills, ranging from speaking a ton of languages to having a way with chemicals. She gets to go on undercover missions with the other specialists to help bring down bad guys.

This series is just so fun! GiGi is a great protag, and I really wish that I had the hacker skills that she did. There are some (okay, a lot) of elements of these books that are too good to be true, but I don't even care! They are total escapism and I love reading about going undercover and all of the awesome gadgets that they get to use.

They sound like the Gallagher Girls books, but when you're reading them they're a lot different. They're really quick reads and have a quick moving plot. One thing that I like about these books is that even though GiGi is the protag of them all, she's paired with a different specialist each time and we get to know them throughout the book. My favorite is when she and the resident goth have to go undercover as cheerleaders!

So, if you're looking for total escapism fun, check these out!


  1. Ooh, this series is so much fun!
    You don't know how often I dropped my book and ran out the room laughing of embarrassment while reading this. Is it just me, or whenever something embarrassing happens to the protagonist you feel it too?
    Love, Hannah

  2. Hacking? I love spying/espionage books, and a secret government agency, too? I've got to get my hands on this series . . . :)

  3. I haven't seen these before. I must look into them.

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