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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mini Review: The Summer I Got a Life

Title: The Summer I Got a Live
Author: Mark Fink
Published: November 2009
Synopsis from goodreads:
Andy Crenshaw’s summer just went into the toilet. His father got a new job and cancelled their dream vacation to Hawaii. Andy and his older brother, Brad, are shipped off to a farm in Wisconsin to stay with an Aunt and Uncle they hardly know. Brad has little use for Andy, except to torment him.
What begins as a minor disaster turns into a life-changing experience. Andy discovers a whole new world and has his first blush with love in the person of Laura, a piano prodigy and town celebrity. Laura is a remarkable girl, who, despite having to deal with a major life trauma, is funny, resilient, full of life, and to Andy’s delight, just a little crazy.

Andy’s adventure includes chasing a pig through a mall, surviving a near-death driving lesson, and coming face to face with his first dead guy. He also has a side excursion with his brother that will redefine their relationship forever. 

Another mini-review because, well, how many of you have heard of this book before? Yeah, me either. You're not really missing much. I mean, it's a cute read, but not anything special. I liked how it was from an average guys pov, a nice change from my usual average girl pov.  Andy was a pretty cool guy. He was funny and didn't take himself too seriously. His relationship with his brother was nice to read about too. But a lot of the story was predictable and corny, which isn't always a bad thing, but for this book....The author has written for shows like Full House and Saved by the Bell, and I think that maybe he should stick with that. 3/5 stars.


  1. Never heard of, but it looks kind of good. It's not often I read a book from a guy's pov, might be a nice change :)

  2. Hey I've never read it before...but I LOVE books! And I love the book shelf thing...

  3. I'm interested to read from a guy point of view, but I doubt I'd enjoy this one. Thanks for the review, though!

    from Une Parole

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  5. I haven't seen this before, but I'm interested in reading more books with a male pov.


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